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Welcome to my Website! Im glad you found me here! Im create artwork for everyone to enjoy. I create the naughty one's but also create normal drawings that everyone can enjoy. If you have some Question so visit my About me Page!

Hey, dear Visiter! ♥

I uploaded a new video on my YT Channel i hope u like it! This is my first video after months i hope you enjoy it! I tryied my best to make an amazing artwork and my editor edited this video and made a great work too, so sub him for his...


Here are my links to my galleries and social media channels, we'll see you there



You probably started to think "But Kari what are the rewards for being a Patreon?". Well I got you covered on that in here. So there are 5 tiers you can choose for I will give you some insight of what which tier does. With every tier you will get this standard benefit.

Standard for being a Patreon: You'll be part of my Community. You get exclusive insight of my Current Projects, Commissions and Work in Progresses

At Pledge ★ Fluffy ★ T1 or higher you'll get access to our - Patrons wall! Who pledge me (T1 or Higher) will be drawn in the PATRONSWALL that comes out every month. At Pledge ღ Fluffy ღ T3 or Higher you will get the nasty Box with some GREAT STUFF!

(the box is still under develpment please be patient) This box includes: - A signed greeting card - 2 NSFW Prints exclusive for u, A cup with our mascot, with my signature on it, A shirt with our mascot!


Someone who donates to me or request a comission receive great stuff in this discord! -grant the role "《✿》Supporter" ! -receive early accses to my artworks, Projects & work in progress. -become the right to receive a box with great stuff: "merchandise & artworks(printed)" -receive the right to ender our "supporters-hall"!

If u want to Support Me, the stream & in my Art. Ill be very Glad! Donations are voluntary, feel free to donate. https://streamlabs.com/kariiniix33_art

Each donation will benefit my stream for:

  • Equip
  • Giveaways

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