About me

About me!

Hey you, yeah you. Welcome to my Website! Here I will create artwork for everyone to enjoy. I create the naughty one's but also create normal drawings that everyone can enjoy. You can always check them out without paying me, but be aware no paying mean no naughty pics ;). So just some things I make, I create single peoples, renders, logo and a background now and then. And that is all because of your support and commission. So why support me by paying me? You will access to all my pictures, and more..... What will I do with the money you ask? Well with the money that I earn I will upgrade my equipment to make even better drawings, I'm always looking for thing to improve everything.
Don't be shy, become a Fluffy!

So hi again, my name is Cynthia, better known as Kariiniix33, but you can call me Kari. I was born and raised in Germany, here I still live at this moment. Since 2013 I'm drawing on the pc/digital, I like it very much and I feel like I'm improving every time. My fluffy's are the world to me and I want to continue improving with my art, and I know they want it too. Also art was always around me, as long as I can remember I am drawing, and it's not that I ever going to give that up : )